But I like the dark…

Why do we like the dark? I like it because any such status or accomplishment is stripped away and i can  feel who i am. I am alone. I compare it to the womb. I am comfortable here

Some people are afraid of the dark. It is with us for half our lives, i believe it should be embraced. The dark leads to insight. There is no stimulation there. My dark is silent.

I understand the correlation between the dark and malevolence. I don’t want to leave. Here i am safe. Here i can see you but you cannot see me. Here i am in control. Here the voices won’t touch me. Not my voice, but yours.


There is a spell in the words we speak. Twisted and splintered in each syllable and verb. If someone you admire compliments you it can resonate like sunburn. If they choose the malevolent path, it can leave you retching from the pit of your stomach, like food poisoning. We can poison each other. We are all conjurers of sound and message. I can understand your message even if i choose not to hear it. I will hear it if I am still attached. Attached to this life.


But I like the dark. I would spend hours waiting in a cupboard for my mother to find me. I would put things in front of me and test her intuition when she opened the doors. At a very young age i was in control when I was there. This is what my mind has become. My life takes place here. There.


Tomorrow. Only Tomorrow.


Tomorrow. See you tomorrow.




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