Eulogy for a friend

Hello, I am my father’s son

I know that dad would firstly appreciate you being here and secondly, largely surprised at the amount of people he obviously had an effect upon and were saddened by his passing.

In true fashion my dad would have offered to pay travel and accommodation costs for those of you here today and apologised for burdening you all, but secretly would have loved the attention.

My father lived a life he would often talk about in a way where it was hard to imagine a challenge or obstacle not being in place. This was not an example of self pity as much as a product of not knowing another way to recount his life. A number of these obstacles would have proven too large for many men, including myself.

He spoke so fondly of his parents and brothers to me, not that he would admit it to them. He loved dearly , especially his father and although he adored him I knew that his dad who was the “the hardest man he ever knew” provided any standard my dad constantly aspired to.

This may have included his patience when driving, or not.

In 2005 I took dad to the Magpies grand final win where Pat Richards scored in our corner of the stand to seal the victory, Dad said he would never go to another grand final and he didn’t

Dad was a very knowledgeable man who knew a little something about everything , owing to a lifetime collection of books that literally spanned one third of his house.

His hobbies did not stop there nor his ability to hold onto every little thing, item or trinket that had crossed his path.

My father was two men, and it is the second man that I would like you, his friends and family to remember the most after today.

This man appeared after recovering from a sickness that destroyed him… but did not defeat my father.

This man did not drink or smoke

This man moved left home and moved closer to his three children and grandchildren

This man found peace in simple things, like breakfast, brunch and lunches

This man adopted a death row puppy and found a best friend

This man found patience with his family and a resounding love,

This man’s generosity far outweighed any wrongdoing he ever sought to remove from his life

This man’s generosity will be his legacy to my sisters and I and his best mate, William.

This man’s generosity will be our memories

This man learnt to find peace. And now may he rest there, I miss you so much dad and although we never said it enough, I love you mate.



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