Peace is Self Control

I am alone. And I am happy. Reminds me of a Cat Stevens song. I have been alone before but I always desired something else. Someone else. The peace that this solitude has brought is empowering. Unbelievable. Do i dare believe it. My will is invincible. Like the love a father has for his son. Unwavering. 

As soon as you desire something it owns you. Conjurer of wicked ways. I’m on a rocking chair staring at the horizon watching the sunset. People don’t bother to look, can’t see it due to the conjecture in their minds or simply rely too much on pain as a muse allowing the beauty right in front of them to be seen as a hindrance. They shield their eyes from the glare of the sun.


I can see the beauty through self control. Discipline is my diamond. Presence is my cherished mood. I can see clearly now the rain has gone… Desire is the rain. Standing firm in true belief and not to be shaken. Years ago I started a journey. To relinquish the indulgence that festered in my soul. That harnessed my spirit. That allowed venom to spring from the fountain of my heart.

Have i really vanquished the sinister demon dressed in red? With a poisonous smile and wretched, hollow, deathly insides. Luring me with a flickering gaze powerful enough to summon momentum akin to sunlight.

Battle scars are quick reminders. And freedom says nothing about memories. Can you walk again? With me hand in hand. Mind in Body. A sexual exorcism. A phoenix rising from the ashes.


More intelligent reasons why one might seek solitude, he (Budda) said, included because one’s wants are modest (appicchataṃ), for contentment (santuṭṭhiṃ), so as to examine oneself (sallekhṃ), out of an appreciation for aloneness (pavivekaṃ) and because it can be helpful for spiritual growth (aṭṭhitam, A.III,219). Buddha said: ‘Monks, apply yourself to solitude. One who does so will see things as they are.’



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